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Bethel Collier

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Reply 10.08.2019 00.45
Marvin Brown
The Canyon’S Shadow is one of my favorite books which I have read yet. Its story is really interesting and meaningful as well.

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Marvin Brown
It seems quite interesting which I am gonna share with my father after my and hoping he will like this.

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No douht hiking is a great activity to get great moments.

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Suzy Larkin
Hiking is really a good activity to enjoy while traveling as it is filled with lot of fun. I have enjoyed it during my and had fun.

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I am a photographer and love to catch kind of views always. I am happy to tell you that have clicked some shots recently when I was at

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I do agree with all photos are too good.

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T. Wilkinson
Very nice photography and new places to see.

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This article is really interesting and informative. I am thinking to share its link with my brother after his

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The Canyon’S Shadow is seriously an awesome book by Gypsy Quill. The story is awesome. I have read it before mine and liked much.

EmailWebsiteDec. 11, 2018
I've learned a lot and am glad I was able to find your site!

November 6, 2018

"Your site is beautiful, please keep updating."
-- Tracey Bertrand--New Zealand

November 3, 2018

"My wife and I both loved The Canyon's Shadow it was absolutely fantastic. And we are looking forward to reading part two."

Loren Smith --Phoenix Arizona, U.S.

"We received a recommendation from book reviewers that they’ve assessed your book and have seen a very good potential in your book’s category. After carefully reviewing and analyzing the marketability, the critics rated your book at 8.93 which is a very high rating looking at all aspects in marketing possibilities including other opportunities. This is the reason why we would like to offer you a partnership in putting this book into the next level."

Samantha Cooper--North Carolina, U.S.
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October 12, 2018


Dear Gypsy Quill,

"Our team has scoured countless websites, blogs, journals, magazines and bookstores looking for the most fitting titles we could represent.We are writing because our team has decided that your book has a lot of potential in the creative industry. We would like to pitch, represent, and/or offer your book to several publishers and/or companies who might be willing to engage in a project with us."

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Reply 05.03.2017 19.15
T. Wilkinson
Very nice photography and new places to see.

Reply 27.12.2016 07.48
Cassandra Dapson
Love your site!

Reply 07.11.2016 09.31
Awesome reading ,the places you explored ,magnificent waterfalls .The Multnomah Falls ,The Senora desert the extreme heat125 degrees. and all the Spectacular photos you took . Loved every minute of it.

Reply 06.10.2016 12.32
Jeff Hull
Gypsy I love part two!! I've only read part of it. but I will be going on vacation soon and I am going to read the rest then!!
Reply 05.10.2016 00.39

I read inside the book on And that is what led me here to this site. I am now becoming a fan. I look forward to reading the whole book!!

Reply 04.10.2016 23.45
Eddy Recceli
To me, the writer has discovered a unique voice! It's great to find such a different style for a change.

Reply 04.10.2016 22.09
I live on the outskirts of north central Arizona. And it is amazing how close the description of the area is in Gypsy's books. I just finished The Canyon's Shadow. I am buying EYES of the RAPTOR!!

Reply 03.10.2016 23.19
I was looking for a different type of book. I am bored with a lot of what is being written about these days. I liked part one The Canyon's Shadow, so I bought part II, Eyes of the Raptor. I'm glad!!

February, 2016

"In the ‘EYES of the RAPTOR’ the story becomes more intense, as the adventure continues to take you beyond the benchmark of your wildest imagination . . . "

—The Journalist Book Review--U.S.

February 26, 2016

"We would like to feature your book EYES of the RAPTOR at the American Library Association in Orlando to showcase it to librarians, literary agents and publishing professionals. Your book was pre-qualified based on three qualifications, namely: recent publication date, genre, and message/purpose of the story of the book."

---American Library Association--Florida, U.S.

message 6.7.16 05.45

"Eyes of the Raptor! A fascinating story of history recently discovered by the author concerning the early Ives expedition up the Colorado River, coupled with a true modern day story of life. I have read both stories, The Canyon Shadow and part two--EYES of the RAPTOR! Both are very interesting and well worth your time!"

---Tom Wilkinson --Florida, U.S.

message 7.10.2015 07.03

"I am hooked on Gypsy Quill what a unique way to tell a story. It is so original. I love it!! I am a poetry lover, and his words are so beautifully inlaid with passion that I am touched deeply with every poem. Such strong messages. But I admit I am not a reader of novels, yet it was a very intriguing enough story to the point it kept my interest."

---Jennifer--New York, U.S.

message 15.07.2015 09.05

"I have just started reading the book The Canyon's Shadow and it grabbed me right away! The author paints mental pictures for you as he writes."

---Carolyn Baughan --Virginia, U.S.

message 08.01.2015 20.43

"I thoroughly enjoyed the book but what really drew me into the story was the way the author weaved two different true stories together, even though they were 155 years apart the distant past and the present day! and yet they both were connected to the Grand Canyon!"

---Jeff Hull --Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.

message 08.01.2015 20.52

"This is as good a read as I've ever seen!"

---Jennifer --North Dakota, U.S.

message 08.01.2015 20.43

"The Canyon's Shadow was very enjoyable. G. Quill has a gift for conveying the depth of the characters and drawing me into the story. I recommend it to anyone and especially those who love the southwest."

---Paul --Phoenix, Arizona

message 22.12. 2014 19.50

"I would love to see this book be made into a movie. It is so intriguing because the story never ceases to amaze me. It is the most satisfying read I've had in a long time. It had a way of capturing my soul with everything I could imagine in a story and then some"

---George Harelson --London, England

04,14, 2014

“Gypsy Quill’s new book delivers remarkable and harrowing story! Historically accurate and incredibly intense, it highlights the triumph of hope and the indomitability of the human spirit…”

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I've learned a lot and am glad I was able to find your site!