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ENJOY A RARE TREAT of SKETCHES more than one and a half centuries old AND OTHER related pics to this book: 'The Canyon's Shadow'


Read Poe Walker's true story on how he arrived at the Canyon. And how he uncovered a relic of time--"The Ives Expedition" that no one had heard of and the Museum of Northern Arizona's research center did not even know they had the expedition log. See how to read inside the first book of the trilogy--"The Canyon's Shadow" at Gypsy's blog page on this site. Poe's modern day part of the story is every bit as interesting as Ives Expedition--a history that history left out.And one that everyone needs to


An excerpt from the book--THE CANYON'S SHADOW:

'The islands and mountain peaks,whose outlines, as seen from the gulf had been somewhat dimmed by a light haze; and they suddenly appeared surprisingly near and distinct, in the limpid medium through which they were now viewed. Uninhabited and unbroken solitude adds to their desolate granduer. It appears no human foot had ever trodden their pure surfaces as they are almost inaccessible, though among the rugged cliffs an occassional break affords a glimpse of some green valley or cool sheltered glen inviting to the eye; or, a narrow vista momentarily opens to view dark and mysterious looking recesses. It's hard to say whether the dazzling radiance of day or the sparkling clearness of night was the more beautiful and brilliant. But, the whole panorama became more and more attractive as we approached the mouth of the river.'

1857--Joseph Christmas Ives


JOSEPH CHRISTMAS IVES-- The Lieutenant was trully the first citizen of the United States to explore the Colorado River and The Grand Canyon. It is the part of history that the history books did not write about. "The Canyon's Shadow" by Gypsy Quill, reveals this truth and as well as a true story of how Poe Walker found the exploration log on The Ives Expedition of 1857-58, and Poe's own true story of how he came to Arizona. And how he lived in the wilderness.


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