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On August 29th, 2018... SOLOMAN'S SONG opened its first location of a physical store! In a joint business venture with WWW.GYPSYQUILL.COM . That is to say you now have two choices to shop. Either way, online here or at the street store location posted on the header of this page.(click the icon for "map and directions"). Products can be shipped nation wide from the physical store or via online ordering. Locals and tourists can browse at the restaurant/ store.

'SOLOMAN'S SONG--ART AND GIFT SHOP' is located inside of: 'DORSEY B'S FISH AND FIXINS' restaurant, which serves daily lunch specials for only $7.00 and the best catfish in the city! Come on in...and browse the gift shop and the restaurant...


Left Dorsey B, owner of the restaurant and right, Phillip Wilkinson owner of the art and gift shop, have teamed together and are now networking in a joint business venture. Dorsey has endorsed the gift shop and welcomes SOLOMAN'S SONG. The gifts can be ordered nationwide now and internationally in the near future!

Networking works! Already the gift shop has been selling products even though it is still being set up. Out of state tourists who fly into Phoenix, to go see the Grand Canyon, splurge in the big city life first and this art and gift shop is the only one in the vicinity of Glendale, Arizona.

It is brand new and the owners are in the process of sorting it all out. "It takes time to set up shop!" said Phillip Wilkinson. ""We're only beginning to put a dent into it. This restaurant has some very fresh and healthy food in addition. So, the shop and the restaurant compliment each other. If people are interested in buying a gift for someone, they may decide to eat here too! Or, if they come to eat, they sometimes decide to buy a gift."

"Featuring Chef Victor, who is one of the best in the Valley! All food here is fresh and carefully prepared, whether vegetables, meats, deserts and etc... And the prices are better in comparison to other places, including fast food chains. I plan to post a menu on this page soon! I favor the smoked fish. Also, Shaved ice is a favorite in the summer time and especially here in the Sonora Desert. Dorsey makes the best tasting shaved ice and offers about 25 flavors." said the owner of SOLOMAN'S SONG.

Thank you for browsing!
VIEW THE ART GALLERIES FOR A CLOSE-UP AND BETTER LOOK AT OUR CANVAS ART...AND MORE PRINTS AVAILABLE. Because the pictures on this page were shot with low resolution phone camera. I did not have my photographer available. And the lighting is a little too bright in places on the canvas. They look better than the pictures here. Coming soon, we will be showcasing giclee and other art prints of paintings. The current galleries are photo-art prints. Go to: https://www.gypsyquill.com/432589896
---or look in the tool bar at the top of the page for "ART GALLERIES." Click that and you will see a string of titles for galleries to choose.

Soloman's Song is a business trademark, logo and license for retail sales. 03030883. Established in 2003. And is the proud management and sponsor of GypsyQuill.com.This site here from now on will serve as an advertising tool for both Gypsy Quill's books and the rest of the online store,which is all now referred to as SOLOMAN'S SONG ART AND GIFT SHOP and is open 24 hours a day.Nationwide shipping is available via UPS. But the name of this website will remain as gypsyquill.com.And you will still have the pleasure of watching free adventurous 10 minute movies and etc... If you have any questions call Dorsey at the number listed on the banner above. Or contact SOLOMAN'S SONG.


We are currently in the market for a seamstress:

1. In the Glendale area or near by suburban areas. As far away as Mesa, Arizona. 

2. Cannot be expensive or we will not be able to give the community a affordable price, therefore we would not be able to sell. If we cannot sell the work, then it is not pragmatic!

3. We would be very reasonable at allowing time for the work to be completed. We do not want to rush, but rather, want you to take your time and do a superb job. 

4. If we agree on terms, then...we would consitently keep you working. Sometimes consistency is more profitable and rewarding than a high amount of pay per piece!

We look forward to hearing from anyone who is interested. If you are, send us an email: 

solomanssong.artandgiftshop@ outlook.com

Thank you very kindly