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Established in 2003, logo and trademark
and license # 03030883

WWW.GYPSYQUILL.COM        Established 2014  is not a physical store and does not have a phone number listed for business or otherwise.

Originally it was etablished strictly to promote books by Gypsy Quill. But then... Gypsy realized he could sell his books much cheaper here than Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble.com, Googlebooks.com, thriftbooks.com and etc... So he decided to offer the public a better deal for his books. 

So he started over with a professional website that includes the ONLINE STORE. But, he knew he needed more than his books to sell. So at some point he merged www.gypsyquill.com with SOLOMAN'S SONG. A liscensed retailer. This was the beginning of the creation of the products that you see in the store now! There's a lot more to choose from and a lot more to come. SOLOMAN'S SONG was established in 2003 and has a logo and trademark registered.So it became a business partner of GYPSYQUILL.COM.

They in turn discussed and planned and eventually SOLOMAN'S SONG started a physical store, so that the products could be offered online and in a physical place of business. Click onto -SOLOMAN'S SONG page button in the tool bar then click onto the connected page--"SOLOMANSSONG ART&GIFT." There you can learn all about the physical store and the contact information, as well as the physical address. 





Mar. 9, 2020


We have decided to stop all business conducted at any physical address. For all practical purposes we are limiting our offers to online sales and shipments.
Thank you kindly!