October 12, 2018


 Gypsy Quill


Our team has scoured countless websites, blogs, journals, magazines and bookstores looking for the most fitting titles we could represent.

We are writing because our team has decided that your book has a lot of potential in the creative industry. We would like to pitch, represent, and/or offer your book to several publishers and/or companies who might be willing to engage in a project with us.

We will also make sure that together we can build a convincing portfolio to improve our opportunities in representing your book or books for one whole year. 

Have you stopped working on your book? Have you stopped writing? Let us know what’s going on with your journey. We want to know if we could agent your works.



Andrea Gilberts

Global Summit House



                                                            October, 5, 2018

Hi Gypsy Quill,

Greetings and hope this email finds you well.

We received a recommendation from  book reviewers that they’ve assessed your book and have seen a very good potential in your book’s category. After carefully reviewing and analyzing the marketability, the critics rated your book at 8.93 which is a very high rating looking at all aspects in marketing possibilities including other opportunities. This is the reason why we would like to offer you a partnership in putting this book into the next level.


Our company started as a marketing firm that has supported major publishers with our combined 26 year experience.  We’ve played a significant role in reviewing and marketing books for traditional publishers. Now, we are free from our contract with our partners and reinvented our approach to assist  authors directly and provide our edge which have been designed to bring about visible results, exposures and book sales to authors.


This is to formally propose that we will assume the republication and 80% of the expenditures of your book’s marketing. You will still retain the 100% right to your book and you will be receiving 100% Royalty for the life of the book. We believe in your intellectual prowess in writing that’s why the company is willing to help and support you in maximizing the potential of your great work.


Samantha Cooper

Toplink publishing




February 26, 2016




Dear Gypsy Quill,


Jim here, I would like to feature your book at the American Library Association in Orlando to showcase it to librarians, literary agents and publishing professionals. Your book was pre-qualified based on three qualifications, namely: recent publication date, genre, and message/purpose of the story of the book.






Best Regards,
Jim Gadsen
Marketing Manager