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A compilation of epic poetry.
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*We chose this poem first because it is the title poem of the trilogy--THE CANYON'S SHADOW. The seed from which the story grew.

This poem is the epitomy of personification, when the Canyon takes on a human characteristic and speaks to its Shadow.







       I thought of her as an early bird today

Although for me it wasn’t quite time to fly away.

       she put on a pretty dress at first light,

     Slowly came into sight, out from the night,

            Face-to-face . . . we finally met.

            Her smile so gentle moved me,

          A ravishing beauty I longed to see!


      With a warm kiss she touched me all over

        A sudden surprise to roll the day closer,

           Awaiting her gleam in the daylight,

        The crescent moon...still shining bright.

           I rubbed the sleep from my eyes.

       On a restless night, I met an early sunrise,

         As she dawned into the light of day!


©--2002—Gypsy Quill

From a collection of poetry in the novel—THE CANYON’S SHADOW by Gypsy Quill.

'Dawn' is an award-winning poem,’International Poet of Merit Award’,

 for which Gypsy Quill was inducted into the International Society of Poets by Bo Derek in 2002.

*This poem has a dual meaning with a metaphor at the end. You can read it as if it is referring to a sunrise. But then, you can go back and read it as if it is referring to a Lady named Dawn. It works both ways. 







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