There are many animals that live in the Grand Canyon. Some of which have never been seen before in any other place on earth. This page is an educational tool to exploit what animals live there. (more to come).

     The Grand Canyon is a special and what I perceive to be, a sacred place. It is one of few places in the world that still has untouched wilderness, in certain areas. There are many findings that are rare and that people in general do not know about. One is that, The Canyon was once a sea bottom. Scientists, geologists and archaeologists have studied it and explored it for centuries. They never cease to be amazed by new discoveries. Such as, not so long ago, a focilized fish skeleton was found at the top, but directly on the side of the rim of the Canyon. It was discovered that it was from pre-historic times. At which point, this find backed up the writings of John Newberry-world renowned geologist who studied it during the Ives' Expedition in 1857-58, whereby from the exploration that he learned by, he realized the silt at the bottom of the Canyon walls was the type of silt found at the bottom of an ocean. As well as he wrote about the carved out areas in the Canyon walls, as something that was done by extreme water pressure from huge ocean waves. Thus, it is clear that he realized there was a paleo-zoic sea, that existed from the Cascade Mountains of California all the way to the Great Lakes area, of which slowly began to recede approximately 20,000 years ago. Further, cutting into the earth...and over time cut down to what we call the Colorado River. This mighty river is the remnant of the Paleozoic Sea. The river continues to cut down into the earth today. A river -once an ocean, that created the Grand Canyon over a period of at least 20,000 years!(more on this reality and much more of two stories intertwined, or weaved together in the novel series, THE CANYON'S SHADOW--by Gypsy Quill.