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MISSY'S MINI MAGIC www.gyspyquill.com

Missy Anastasio

Missy lives in Cumberland, Rhode Island and is a genuine person and a humanitarian with a positive outlook.  I've had the pleasure of knowing her through her art work. And now, I am introducing you to the artist, to be able to do the same because I see a certain uniqueness in her style. 

MISSY'S MINI MAGIC www.gyspyquill.com


"I love the details and mystery in paintings - Especially when they are mini. To paint is to explore a new world, to create your very own adventure. I enjoy expressing myself through the arts, and in 2016, I bought myself art supplies and felt inspired to paint. That day I discovered a new passion. I decided to open an Etsy shop to share my creations with the world! I hope everyone can enjoy my creations as much as I do. @MissysMiniMagic"

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Paintings, Greeting cards and Post cards. 

 More to come soon!