A lot of people think Arizona is a desert. They also might think it all looks like the Grand Canyon. Arizona has many different looks. It changes about every 30 miles down interstate 17 which begins at Lake Powell, right  in the north central part of the state line. From there you would think you are in different states of the Union as you journey through the everchanging terrain.

Beginning with outrageous formations of colorful rock walls and other rock formations circling around the famous lake to Canyon country. Namely, The Grand Canyon, surrounded by the Mountain chain connected to the famous San Francisco Peaks. The three sisters peaks are famous for the snow bowl, known for one of the best skii resorts in the world, and the snow caps are beutiful! They are in the Super-cultural city of Flagstaff. But on to the Coconino Plateau where the beautiful views of Mountain scenery is everywhere you look and in a different environment. This is where you can view the most beautiful pine forest in the world!Further on... you arrive at yet another completely different look in the red rock cliff country of Sedona, which has been used in many movies for many years! Nearby, there's Jerome and of course, Cottonwood. The staple there is the giant Cottonwood trees in the video which are very old and very tall. they are downright huge and are abundant in the town of Cottonwood !

If you continue south you reach the top of The Valley of the Sun, where you can view the most outrageous views of desert terrain loaded with many species of vegetation, but particularly the 200 plus year old Saquaro Cactus. They stretch the milieu by the hundreds of thousands for as far as you can see. And as you leave the top of the Valley, you decend for miles into the Sonoran Desert which harbors the city of Phoenix. The fire bird is surrounded by the Camel Back mountain chain. At sunset they change colors. the reflections creates a conglamorate of red-orange mixed with lavendar and deep purple tints.  All of the above has different views that are worlds apart. 

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