ALL PHOTOGRAPHY BY MICHELLE WILKINSON-©2022—MichelleWilkinsonPhotography/published by April,12,2022.   

story by Gypsy Quill/ ©2022—Gypsy Quill. All rights reserved!


Taylor spoke to a guy who had hiked a trail, Soldier Pass, which extended from SEVEN SACRED POOLS. And he told her about some unnamed caves he saw at the end of the trail that were worth seeing.So we hiked further than we anticipated that day and went on to see them. We thought Keyhole cave was on the same trail but we were wrong. But the caves we saw were awesome and a lot of hikers caught on to it. I think what made it more fun for us was the element of surprise. Curiosity led us to branch off into another adventure. We were disappointed in Seven Sacred Pools being dried up, but this hike made it worth our time and effort.

We had only begun the incline on this trail which became steep toward the end leading to Birthing Cave. The last trail we hiked.

A desert flower in the Spring to remind us that even the desert comes back to life this time of year! What a joy it can bring in such a drab terrain. But natural plants and shrubs of many grow throughout the South West.

After one trail hike after another for quite a few days we decided to take a break from hiking and see the sights in Sedona. And for such a small town it is exploding with excitement in the air all around. The people full of smiles and happiness and tons of tourists flooded the streets all over Sedona.

This restaurant was not only very classy and had some great authentic southwest music performed live in the courtyard, but it was a huge place. The waiting time for us was about 40 minutes but it was worth it. They were a jam packed house in both the court yard and inside. The parking area was completely full and as you can see some cars had to park on side of the building due to no empty parking spaces. Sedona and its surrounding area was a happening. While we were waiting for a table we decided to walk around and see more of the strip center.

Taylor's Enchilada
It was a mexican restaurant but the food was Arizona Southwest style.And very tasty!