Burning Bodhi

2015 · 1 hr 35 min
Drama · Independent
A complex mix of emotions are stirred up during a gathering of old high school friends who reunite when the most popular among them tragically dies.

The Penthouse

2009 · 1 hr 29 min
After winning a reality show contest, Tyler invites his two best friends to move into the ultimate bachelor pad—a Los Angeles penthouse apartment. Kieran is all too happy to put off moving in with his girlfriend, despite the fact that excessive partying is affecting his job as a writer. When Tyler’s sexy little sister flies in to visit, all of Kieran’s inhibitions are lost, putting his relationship with his girlfriend and Tyler in serious jeopardy. Will Kieran get kicked out of the one place where everyone wants to get in?


Author's Anonymous

2014 · 1 hr 32 min
A brand new writer lands a mammoth publishing deal, setting her writer’s group into a meltdown and questioning of their own literary lives.