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  BORN a native Californian, but from age four on... Phillip Spent much of his childhood, until sixteen living in southeast Louisiana. Beginning in early childhood, He started going by a shorter version of his name and his friends all called him Phil. Phil Wilkinson became his stage name as he quickly... beginning also in his early childhood, developed his musical talents to become a singer/songwriter/musician.(see pics below). At present, due to a cochlear disorder, he is deaf. But with a minimal trace of hearing from nerve hearing only and only in his left ear, he can still hear enough to play/compose, with a hearing aid.

  He also has a gift shop/trademark/license for retail/book publishing label called SOLOMAN'S SONG. And that is the name of his shop/website  --(visit  The shop is partly pictured above. You can see a bit more inside of the shop on the title page under SolomanssongA&Gshop, button, on the tool bar located on the home page of this site. But the physical store has been closed due to the pandemic. It will be re-opened later.

This  is managed by SOLOMAN'S SONG/ Phillip(Phil)  Wilkinson.


age 16, 1971.
In Hammond, Louisiana working on a song he wrote for his girl friend Claire, who never heard it.

Age 17, 1972
Greenwood Lake, New Jersey. The main idea was to put a three piece band together, with a close friend, John Strainer, while they house watched John's mother's lake house.

Visiting with mom as she was going to the gig to watch him play in his band called HOTT ROXX.

Thiswas the first time he performed his own original songs in a live band. His band was called- One Step Beyond.
Half his face is cut off in the picture, but this is at the Strawberry Festival.A few thousand were in attendance.

2003, in Williams Arizona. 

Just browsing the streets of the little tourist town.


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