ALL PHOTOGRAPHY BY MICHELLE WILKINSON©2022—MichelleWilkinsonPhotography/published by April,12,2022.   

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You will see the following destinations we hiked and/or/ traversed: 

Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Canyon/Navajo Nation, The Painted Desert, Bryce Canyon, Utah, Monument Valley in Utah and Arizona as well as 4-corners, a number of hiking trails around outskirts of Sedona,Arizona and sight seeing around Sedona the town and sight seeing tour of Jerome, Arizona. 


Horse Shoe Bend-- it was very windy when we arrived, but not any where near as bad as it got which hindered the ability to take pictures.

HORSE SHOE BEND-up top on the left side


By the time we were able to take a picture of Horshoe Bend it was getting dark and the sunset was not what we expected!



April, 5, 2022--I travelled with my daughter Taylor and a world class photographer, Michelle Wilkinson. We left in a 2022 Chevy Malibu, on the afternoon of April 5th and I drove straight through to Page, up I-17. We didn't spend any time going to Lake Powell as it had dried up. I suppose it is due to Climate Change. But we had a hotel reserved in Page on Lake Powell Boulevard as a base to settle and start off with some interesting tours near by. And then proceed to our adventurous camping tour.  As soon as we checked in to the hotel we headed straight for Horse Shoe Bend at Glen Canyon. 

Our idea was to capture a good sunset pic for you. It didn't turn out very well. The place was roaring with hellacious wind velocity that literally threw sand up in our faces and the granules were penetrating to a horrible sting. We immediately protected our eyes and kept from breathing it in.The whole crowd of many experienced this same disappointment. This time of year it is extremely windy at Glen Canyon. I wouldn't recommend this visit until Late May or summer. We were late getting to the vicinity but we jogged all the way up the trail, which was about a 20 minute hike normally. By the time the wind died down and we were finally able to get a pic it was getting dark. But we took the pic anyway.

The right side of Horse Shoe Bend as you can see is the better pic of the two of the Bend, but still not what we expected.

But there are great pictures throughout the rest of this PICTUREshortSTORY.

All photographs by MichelleWilkinson-
-©2022MichelleWilkinsonPhotography/published by April,12,2022.


The next day in the early morning we took Coppermine road and AZ-98 E to Antelope Pt. Road in LeChee. We then followed Antelope Pt. Road and Antelope Canyon Access Road to Indn route 222. There we found our way to "Dixie's Lower Antelope Canyon Tours," At the Navajo Nation. It was awesome! But yes, they do enforce masks and we had to be there by 8:00 oclock when the guide began the tour, otherwise--you don't go! It was a real experience hiking down into an underground maze which was cut out by water, in this twisted rock formation famously known as "The Fire Wall." The Navajo people and the tour guides were very friendly and comforting. I enjoyed a very nice conversation with a store clerk in the gift shop. It was an expensive tour. But well worth every penny! 

So here are some of the pics of --ANTELOPE CANYON and "THE FIRE WALL."

(4 slide shows)

It's an underground canyon.

It was a steep decline

Stepping down backwards

Gypsy Quill

It was like a maze with many passages.

Created by the flow of water.